Month: April 2015


Parkinson’s Disease, Part 3: The Importance of Community

Parkinson’s is a disease uniquely and inextricably tied to its community. Patients share symptoms, treatments, difficulties and experiences. Most importantly, they also share in the mystery of Parkinson’s disease. The causal mystery patients know they can play a crucial role in solving. Some researchers continue to delve deeper into biological …

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Job vs. Career? The Biorasi Difference

A few years ago the news and shelves were filled with articles about Millennials entering the work force. The general consensus seemed to be this new era of workers were spoiled, entitled, and could never achieve greatness as loyal employees. These days, the headlines tell a very different story. “Survey …

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Parkinson’s Disease, Part 2: Real-time health-tech deployments benefit Clinical Research

As wearables gain popularity and health related applications rank higher on consumer needs; the health-tech industry is rapidly evolving. 2012 marked the new era of “health-tech” with Sage Bionetworks launching voice recording apps to check for voice tremors in Parkinson’s patients. The company expanded initial innovations to include screen tapping …

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Parkinson’s Disease, Part 1: The Importance of Successful Clinical Trials

Imagine: Losing total control of physical and mental motor skills Taking simple things for granted such as holding a pen, a hair brush or tying a shoe Knowing life with these symptoms may never end There are an estimated 7-10 million people in the world today living with Parkinson’s disease …

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