Month: May 2017

Phoevos H. Pic

Biorasi Spotlight: Phoevos Hughes – Senior Project Manager

For this week’s Biorasi Spotlight, meet Phoevos Hughes, Senior Project Manager at Biorasi, LLC.   1. How did you get into clinical research? The short version – sheer luck. The long version… When I first decided that I had no interest in pursuing a legal career, I was living in …

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Alzheimers blog post

Advances in Early Alzheimer’s Detection

The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is rapidly increasing as individual life spans across the world increase.  It is currently the most common form of dementia, marked by the overproduction and aggregation of amyloid β (Aβ) and tau proteins in the brain. These aggregates may trigger various symptoms in the …

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Mari H. Pic

Biorasi Spotlight: Mari Heghinian, PhD – Manager of Program Development

For this week’s Biorasi Spotlight, meet Mari Heghinian, PhD, Manager of Program Development at Biorasi, LLC.   1. How did you get into clinical research? After graduating with my PhD, I joined the pre-clinical group in a small Pharma company. The company conducted bi-weekly calls to update on the progress …

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Big Data can help minimize risk in clinical trials

Can Big Data Rescue Clinical Trials?

If you had to pick one buzzword that perfectly encapsulated the current latest and greatest in innovation, you could do a lot worse than “big data”. The last few years have seen big data and data mining introduced into nearly every field imaginable, often with disruptive results. Now, that same …

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