Month: December 2017

Stem cell dish

Stem Cells?! What are they? How do they work?

Introduction Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most important biomedical discoveries in recent history, with far-reaching potential effects on a wide range on individuals afflicted with numerous diseases. Nonetheless, basic knowledge about Stem Cells – their sources, characteristics and therapeutic mechanisms –  still elude a large portion of the …

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Holiday Operational Challenges

Holiday Hurdles in Clinical Research

With the holiday season upon us, the focus shifts from daily work tasks to planning for vacations and festivities. The holidays can be especially challenging in clinical research where strict adherence to timelines is imperative for success. Many common holiday situations can put a clinical trial at risk if not …

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Strict Processes Rescue Complex MS Trial

Strict Processes Rescue Complex MS Trial Biorasi’s Project Management-first Approach Allows Rapid Feasibility and Site Startup to Meet Critical Deadlines The Challenge: A specialty pharmaceutical company engaged Biorasi to rescue their phase 2 clinical trial for treatment of spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis (MS). The incumbent CRO was not meeting …

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Stem Cell Myths

Stem Cells: Myths and Misconceptions in the Public Eye

Stem Cell therapy constitutes one of the most hailed advents in medicine for its potential in treating many of the chronic and difficult diseases like Traumatic Brain Injury, Diabetes and Cancer. However, a huge cloud of myths and misconceptions surrounds this topic, alienating the public from embracing them as a …

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Quintessential Guide to Planning a Clinical Trial

The Quintessential Guide to Planning a Clinical Trial Clinical trials are complex undertakings, with complex planning required. Success or failure is often determined long before the trial even gets underway. Biorasi’s quintessential guide to clinical trial planning helps program managers and operations directors identify and resolve the sticking points that …

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