Month: May 2018


Biorasi Recognized for Best in Class Technology, Women in Leadership

Biorasi is proud to announce that leading industry publication Global Health & Pharma, also known as GHP News, has recognized the company twice in their 2017 Pharmaceutical Industry Awards. Biorasi Executive Vice President Lindsey Rios was honored as the “Most Influential Woman in Pharmaceuticals – South East”, and Biorasi itself …

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Bolstering Enrollment in Parkinson’s Trials: Patient Support Groups

Novel treatments, accurate biomarkers and efficient diagnostic tests are direly needed in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease (PD), the second leading neurodegenerative disease in the world. One major avenue to support biomedical discoveries in the PD realm, paving the path to reach patients, is to bolster PD clinical research trials, …

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Medical diagnosis. Serious nice young oncologist holding the result of CT scanning and examining them while putting a diagnosis to her patient

Special Considerations for Clinical Trials in Neurological Diseases

Clinical trials in neurological diseases often mirror the complexity of the disease itself. Hence, a team tackling this type of clinical trial should make a number of assumptions, some of which are ubiquitous among other therapeutic areas while others are unique for this specific field. In this blog, we will …

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Non-Traditional Trial Recruitment Strategies for Non-Traditional Populations

Innovative and out of the box methods are often required for the recruitment of challenging populations in clinical trials that would otherwise fail miserably when using conventional recruitment strategies. In this arena, Biorasi has positioned itself as a pioneer and repeatedly demonstrated enormous capabilities in establishing smart recruiting approaches for …

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