Month: September 2018


The Tumultuous History of Women’s Involvement in Clinical Research

Inclusion of women in clinical research has a surprisingly colorful history. As you can probably imagine, inequality is present throughout, but for reasons that may not be so intuitive.   If you haven’t heard of the thalidomide crisis, here is a brief synopsis. In 1957, thalidomide was put on the …

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Managing Alzheimer’s Trials in a Diverse Global Environment

Patients with Alzheimer’s are not treated the same everywhere. On a global level, this is immediately evident between countries through differences in diagnostic criteria. Even on a more local level, racial and ethnic disparities persist. These and other factors result in different standards of care. Multinational or not, study sites …

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Virtual Trials

Five New Tech Options to Use in your Virtual Trial

Have you heard of virtual clinical trials? They are trials in which patients can do most of their study activities from home instead of traveling to a study site. A true virtual trial would thus eliminate the need for study sites and would rely entirely on remote monitoring and on-demand …

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How are Adaptive Trial Designs Improving Efficiency in Clinical Research?

The ability to adapt is a valued attribute in today’s constantly changing world, and clinical trial designs are no exception. Adaptive trial designs can save sponsors significant time and money, but they need to be approached with caution and planning.   Historical context Study design used to be straightforward and …

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