Month: October 2018


You’re Holding Your Eye Drops Wrong – What Makes Ophthalmology Trials so Challenging?

Last week, one of our resident experts in ophthalmology, Ignacio Handal, gave a training for some of our current studies with a focus on which pitfalls to avoid specifically in ophthalmology trials. He dished out many fun facts and eye-opening insights.   Compliance is difficult enough to achieve for any …

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ASN | Kidney Week 2018

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Breast Cancer Awareness

A More Complete Scope for Advances in Women’s Health

When people think about women’s health, especially during the month of October, they may think only of breast cancer or reproductive disorders. The truth, though, is that women’s health encompasses so much more. The field of medicine pertaining to women’s health is rapidly growing to include the study of both …

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The Politics of Investigator-Initiated Trials

Many clinical trials are initiated by a pharmaceutical company in order to generate data to submit to the FDA for drug approval. Investigator-initiated trials (IITs), on the other hand, are conceived by a clinician and not by the company that plans to sell the drug or device under study. IITs …

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Six Things We Can Do Now to Advance Clinical Research in CKD

“What we need to do is to keep working on getting biomarkers more defined to be able to differentiate between the different etiologies. This is going to be the path forward.” Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is actually 20 times more prevalent and 100 times more lethal than cancer, but it …

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Tactful Strategies Steer a Failing Trial to Safety

Tactful Strategies Steer a Failing Trial to Safety Overcoming More Than Just Language Barriers The Challenge: Global studies are notoriously complicated with language barriers, time zone differences, and oft-contradictory regulations. These business challenges are exacerbated, not only working with multiple, but unique cultures. Biorasi encountered this scenario when we were …

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