Month: November 2018


A Deep Dive into NASH Physiology and Drug Targets

In the clinical trial world, we spend a lot of time focusing on phase I-IV trials, and it’s easy to forget about the very important preclinical, basic science studies that go into drug development.   Many pharmaceuticals are developed from basic science studies, or studies that attempt to define molecular …

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How Virtual Trials Support Patient-Centricity

Revolutionizing Clinical Research: How Virtual Trials Support Patient-Centricity In this digital age, virtual trials may very well become the norm at some point in the future, but there are many questions to answer before this can become a reality. Download White Paper

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How Managers Can Establish Good Working Relationships with their Internal Team

Authors: Geetesh Shrivastava, Associate Director of Clinical Monitoring; Jennifer Dennis-Wall, PhD, Lead Scientific Writer Back in August, we published a blog addressing themes that are important for sponsor partners to follow so that we as a CRO can provide them with the best possible service. To complement those themes, we …

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Considerations for Working with Research-Naive vs. Experienced Sites

When recruiting patients with hard-to-enroll indications, such as rare diseases, it is sometimes necessary to dip into creative resources for finding sites. Sometimes this means looking across the ocean, or sometimes there may be opportunities in your backyard. Some sites have a lot of experience, and those are generally sought …

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Why Aren’t There Any FDA-Approved Drugs to Treat NASH?

The liver does many important things in the body, such as filtering of the blood and metabolizing all compounds, including food and drugs, that enter the body. In that vein, liver disease can be absolutely devastating.   Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects almost 100 million, or around 25%, of …

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10 Lessons On Success in Asia-PAC Trials from DIA 2018

Earlier this year, a few of us attended DIA 2018 to represent Biorasi. While there, we were fortunate enough to be able to give a talk about some of our experiences entitled “Balancing Unity and Individuality: Leadership Skills for Managing Culturally Divergent Clinical Teams” in collaboration with Brian J. Malkin, …

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CNS Summit 2018

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