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Feel free to contact us anytime. Our business is built on integration of all our teams working in unison for our sponsors. Biorasi culture begins with hiring the best – from industry and regulatory agency veterans, to promising young talent on the rise. Clinical Research Optimized™ hinges on strong leadership with a defining vision for our company and with unparalleled commitment to excellence in the services we provide to you, our sponsors and partners.

Boris Reznik, PhD
Boris Reznik, PhDChairman
Boris Reznik, PhD, is a veteran of multiple startups and is backed by a track record of building companies across a diverse set of industries. Dr. Reznik leads Biorasi with a strong focus on processes and systems – a unique perspective in the CRO world.
Lindsey Rios
Lindsey RiosSenior VP, Project Operations
Lindsey Rios has been with Biorasi for nearly ten years and understands complex projects better than anyone. Ms. Rios heads up a large, geographically dispersed team and contributes heavily towards Biorasi’s operational excellence.
Gary Urban
Gary UrbanSenior VP, Process & Quality
Gary Urban comes to Biorasi after decades of experience in management and technology consulting. His insights and experience guide Biorasi’s continuous improvement. Mr. Urban is also the lead architect of the TALOS™ platform.
Kurt Gehlsen
Kurt GehlsenVP, Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Gehlsen leads Biorasi’s Medical & Scientific Affairs and clinical development for sponsors. He has been a long time board member at Biorasi since its founding and has over 30 years of experience in the life sciences with leading research institutions, large pharmaceutical companies, and startups.
Mark Vieder
Mark ViederVP, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
Mark Vieder comes to Biorasi by way of an exemplary career with the FDA, along with safety and regulatory positions at some of the biggest names in commercial pharma.
Hartmut Schmied
Hartmut SchmiedVP, Head of European Operations
Hartmut Schmied has over 25 years of experience in clinical research. He held high-level strategic positions in Project Management and Medical Affairs in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry.
Wayne Bowden
Wayne BowdenVP, Program Development
Wayne Bowden is an accomplished researcher and executive, combining the scientific knowledge to understand the most intricate details of clinical research and the business experience to shepherd those trials to success.
Jon Roth
Jon RothVP, Data Sciences & Biometrics
Jon Roth is an early pioneer in electronic data processing for clinical trials. Mr. Roth’s experience is a crucial component of Biorasi’s success as a data and bioinformatics leader.
Joe Wall
Joe WallVP, Marketing
Before joining Biorasi, Joe held Digital Planning & Strategic Marketing leadership positions in Healthcare and Casino/Resort businesses. He has been instrumental with leveraging the digital technology evolution for business growth.
Ine-Mari Bornman
Ine-Mari BornmanVP, Clinical Services
Ine-Marie Bornman is a clinical research professional with 15+ years of industry experience at Sponsor, CRO, and Site levels. Mrs. Bornman has a background in Intensive Care Nursing, is certified in Project Management, and is an SME in technology-driven clinical research.
Nilu Celenk
Nilu CelenkVP, Project Management
Nilufer Celenk has over 17 years of operations and project management experience. Her responsibilities include building out Biorasi’s project management team, as well as leading sponsor projects. She holds an MBA from Loyola University and a B.S. from Istanbul Technical University.