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Managing Alzheimer’s Trials in a Diverse Global Environment

2018-09-21T12:03:11+00:00By |Categories: Blog Articles|

Patients with Alzheimer’s are not treated the same everywhere. On a global level, this is immediately evident between countries through differences in diagnostic criteria. Even on a more local level, racial and ethnic disparities persist. These and other factors result in different standards of care. Multinational or not, study sites in a [...]

How are Adaptive Trial Designs Improving Efficiency in Clinical Research?

2018-09-06T16:04:08+00:00By |Categories: Blog Articles|

The ability to adapt is a valued attribute in today’s constantly changing world, and clinical trial designs are no exception. Adaptive trial designs can save sponsors significant time and money, but they need to be approached with caution and planning.   Historical context Study design used to be straightforward and included only [...]

The Future is Here for Clinical Trials, and It Introduces New Risks

2019-01-09T13:17:09+00:00By |Categories: Blog Articles, News|Tags: |

Mobile phone apps and wearable devices have a lot of potential to improve clinical studies. However, the rules governing them are complex, varied, and not fully developed. It is important to be vigilant and remember best practices before rushing out to jump on the latest and greatest. Failure to do so could [...]

Teamwork: An Evidence-Based Approach for Trial Recruitment

2019-01-09T13:51:43+00:00By |Categories: Blog Articles|Tags: |

Every clinical trial comes with its own unique challenges. Sometimes the biggest challenge faced by a trial is simply not enrolling enough participants. Well-documented reasons for challenges with recruitment can stem from a complicated or unrealistic protocol or poor communication between the sponsor and investigator. However, recent studies have shed light on [...]

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