Author: Wayne Bowden

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How to Minimize Subjectivity in Dermatology – Part 1: Principal Investigators & Clinical Staff

The success of any clinical trial depends on unbiased data. However, the subjective nature of many dermatology assessments makes unbiased data harder to come by. Inconsistent reports based on subjective findings can skew data, which may obscure the true effects of treatment. In-depth training of investigators and staff helps minimize …

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Is Your Clinical Trial in Need of a Rescue?

A 2018 study out of MIT Sloan School of Management showed only 13.8% of drug development programs lead to FDA approval. That’s an improvement from previous estimates, which hovered at around 10%, but still an alarmingly high failure rate. In today’s competitive market, reducing failure rate is one sure way …

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3 Trends in Biosimilars: A 6-Year Outlook

Over the next five years, the purchase and production of biosimilar drugs can expect to see double-digit growth. As biosimilar drugs become more widely produced, prescribed, used, and accepted, the competitive marketplace will continue to heat up. What are the drivers for biosimilar drug production? And what trends are having an …

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The Most Common Reasons for Trial Rescue and How to Avoid it in the First Place

The study is behind schedule. Enrollment is lagging. The protocol is too complicated. Approximately 80 percent of all clinical studies need intervention or optimization to be successful, but only about 10 percent get it. Why? Because there is an negative connotation to the term “trial rescue.” Some Sponsors don’t want to …

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The Promise of Biosimilar Drugs

In 2006, the European Medicines Agency granted its first approval of a biosimilar drug, the human growth hormone, Omnitrope™ (Sandoz), and opened the doors of opportunity for this emerging field of medicine. In 2010, President Obama signed into law the Biosimilars Act, and on March 6, 2015, the FDA formally approved its first …

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Biorasi Joins GPhA Biosimilars Council to Promote Biosimilar Drug Development

There is great strength in numbers, and joining forces with some of the world’s most influential companies in the biosimilar industry will position Biorasi to have a more significant impact on biosimilar drug development. To this end, Biorasi is proud to announce that the company is now a member organization …

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Clinical Research Optimized ™ Powered by TALOS ™

Biorasi delivers Clinical Research Optimized ™ for Biosimilar clinical trials, proving success in some of the most complex trials in the industry. Multi-dimensional trial challenges require superior professional project management. TALOS™, our groundbreaking project management and optimization platform, guides our exemplary study teams throughout the entire process. TALOS™ is built …

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Biorasi is Your Preferred Provider

Biorasi has been engineered internally to deliver sponsor partners optimal clinical trial results, especially, for Biosimilar Studies. We understand the importance of strong, dependable relationships and pride ourselves on being the support for our clients. You gain a true partner; fully vetted and familiar with your process. Leading Pharmaceutical and …

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June is Men’s Health Awareness Month

Biorasi  conducts life-impacting drug studies for Men’s Health; now, if they only showed up to the Doctor. Biorasi is taking the opportunity in June, Men’s Health Awareness Month, to encourage men and their loved ones to take a closer look at daily health practices. As a leading CRO tuned into all aspects of health research and treatment;we are as committed as our …

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It’s your life; live it well. Healthy Options are Key

It’s your life; live it well. Healthy Options are Key It can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when working traditional 9-5 business hours. It is likely you sit at a desk all day in front of a computer, have maybe an hour lunch break and encounter candy temptations …

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