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Clinical Operations

Running complex clinical trials requires knowing what’s happening daily. Biorasi is the only CRO that provides sponsors with full transparency through our TALOS™ Control Center to identify potential quality gaps before they become major quality problems. Our study monitors are supported by talented and capable clinical team managers, physicians, assistants and specialists, and are equipped with data science tools to keep your trials on track.

A New Kind of CRO That Is Enabled By Technology

Biorasi built TALOS™ to be the most powerful clinical research project management tool in the industry – the only one of its kind. TALOS™ Gives Our Sponsors:

Full visibility into all of their data at any time

Effective command and control mechanisms for better managing their study

Intelligent guidance to improve performance

Beyond Just Monitoring

Our monitoring methodology synergizes the need to complete detailed project tasks with the benefit of viewing the project on a much higher, totality of the data, level. We leverage this methodology across all aspects of the study to bring greater transparency to our sponsors and improve the quality of the data compared to conventional methods.

Our Clinical services include:

  • Site identification and selection
  • Site contracting and budget negotiation
  • Essential documents collection and processing
  • Site initiation, interim monitoring, and study closure visits
  • Site initiation, interim monitoring, and study closure visits
  • Risk-based monitoring
  • Overall site management and communication
  • Site training and audit support

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Navigating Complex Trials to Approvals

At Biorasi, we understand the importance of the clinical team in their role as the representative for you, for Biorasi and for the study, in the eyes of the investigators and site staff. Our clinical team understands there is more to study monitoring than just review of the source data; team members must act as trainers, planners, negotiators, detectives, psychologists and salespeople all at the same time. In doing so, the Biorasi clinical team achieves unconventional results from rapid site startup, through successful completion of enrollment and timely lock of the study database.

Biorasi’s methodology leverages our TALOS Ecosystem, an integrated technology and program management platform designed exclusively for Clinical Research. The efficiency of the TALOS Ecosystem offers greater success for our sponsors and allows faster trial completion while minimizing risk of failure.

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