Project Management

Our methodology is built around structured project management practices, executed by best-of-breed professional project managers. It gives us a framework to apply creative problem solving to your toughest challenges, giving your program the chance to break through.

Focus on Optimizing your Trial & Program

Optimization means something special at Biorasi. It’s not simply making your trial run on time and on budget. It’s about making sure your entire drug development program is as effective and efficient as it can be – from development plan down to the smallest variable on an individual trial.

Our Optimization Focus Gives Sponsors:


The Biorasi Methodology Gives Sponsors


Powered by TALOS™

Biorasi’s clinical trials project management team is powered by TALOS™, an innovative platform and framework that allows our team to properly plan and execute strategies and tactics that are not only customized for every individual sponsor, but also draw on a shared and constantly improving set of processes, knowledge systems and standards.
It is through this powerful project management approach that we consistently stay ahead of the inevitable study roadblocks, keeping your study on time and on budget, and ensuring the most optimal study outcome.

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