TALOS™ Technology

Clinical Trial Optimization Software


Every Patient, Every Site, Every Data Point – At Your Fingertips

TALOS™ Technology integrates with modern clinical trial software to collect sponsor data and other relevant information in one place. By aggregating and processing data from disparate independent sources, TALOS™ provides our project managers a global view, allowing them to spot potential issues before they turn into problems. Our proprietary system uses a big data approach to piece together thousands of variables to dynamically optimize sponsors’ trials, giving our PM team insights and options not available to other CROs.

Biorasi’s methodology leverages our TALOS Ecosystem, an integrated technology and program management platform designed exclusively for Clinical Research. The efficiency of the TALOS Ecosystem offers greater success for our sponsors and allows faster trial completion while minimizing risk of failure.

TALOS™ is built to take connections and turn them into insights, helping us deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ to every sponsor

Biorasi leverages TALOS, built specifically to make managing clinical trials easier and better.

The TALOS infrastructure is source agnostic

  • Aggregates data from a variety of sources, collecting data from any source and integrating into one interface.
  • Translates data into usable analysis, giving you insights, historical trends and even real-time alerts.
  • Data transparent and accessible through on-demand and real-time dashboards.
  • Identifies insights using big-data-style processing and suggest actions to minimize risks.
  • TALOS is a clinical trial tool, built to deliver a clinical trial faster and at a higher quality.
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