Every Patient, Every Site, Every Data Point - At Your Fingertips

TALOS™ Technology integrates with modern clinical trial software to collect sponsor data and other relevant information in one place. By aggregating and processing data from disparate independent sources, TALOS™ provides our project managers a global view, allowing them to spot potential issues before they turn into problems. Our proprietary system uses a big data approach to piece together thousands of variables to dynamically optimize sponsors’ trials, giving our PM team insights and options not available to other CROs.

TALOS™ is built to take connections and turn them into insights, helping us deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ to every sponsor

Biorasi leverages TALOS, built specifically to make managing clinical trials easier and better.

The TALOS infrastructure is source agnostic

  • Aggrigates data from a variety of sources, collecting data from any source and integrating into one interface.
  • Translates data into usable analysis, giving you insights, historical trends and even real-time alerts.
  • Data transparent and accessible through on-demand and real-time dashboards.
  • Identifies insights using big-data-style processing and suggest actions to minimize risks
  • TALOS is a clinical trial tool, built to deliver a clinical trial faster and at a higher quality.

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