Data-Driven Clinical Trial Optimization Software

An increasingly connected world can make your clinical trials better or just more complex. TALOS™ is built to take connections and turn them into insights, helping us deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ to every sponsor.

TALOS™ is a project management platform built specifically for clinical research that allows Biorasi to deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ in every trial we run. It was built out of a training methodology that ensures a repeatable standard of quality across every trial we run. Its guidelines for process development that build continuous improvement, consistency, and commitment to excellence. Finally, TALOS™ is an approach to managing challenging projects in a way that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Biorasi is powered by TALOS™, and TALOS™ is powered by exceptional project management.

Take Control of Your Trial

TALOS™ also allows our sponsors to monitor the progress of their trial in as granular a detail as necessary, offering unparalleled transparency into our processes and the status of their trial. All of the information that is typically spread across EDCs, CTMS’, spreadsheets, databases, and a host of other platforms, in a single dashboard that gives our sponsors, and us, everything we need to deliver Clinical Research Optimized™.

Every Patient, Every Site, Every Datum - At Your Fingertips

TALOS™ integrates with modern clinical trial software to collect sponsor data and relevant information in one place. It’s more than a convenient interface, though. By pulling in and processing data from disparate independent sources, TALOS™ gives our project managers a global view that lets us spot potential issues before they turn into problems. Our proprietary system uses a big data approach to piece together thousands of variables and dynamically optimizes sponsors’ trials, giving our PM team insights and options not available to other CROs.

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