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The Women’s Health space is moving towards concentrating on the overall well-being of women throughout their entire life cycle, rather than their reproductive needs alone. Postmenopausal conditions, including vulvovaginal atrophy, that affect a woman’s quality of life are actively being researched for innovation of new therapies and dosage forms. With the rapid growth of this therapeutic area, the competition to enter into the market quickly is equally present. This quickness can be hindered by restrictive I/E criteria and by  variable endpoints. Unpredictable  factors like these can lead to unexpected complications when running Women’s Health trials.

Biorasi Understands that Women’s Health is more than just reproductive health. Trust our experience in holistic women’s health trials

Treating Women’s Health Holistically

Biorasi’s history in successfully running women’s health trials covers the full spectrum of women’s lives. This experience allows Biorasi to identify and proactively mitigate any anticipated challenges, and include one of the many board certified OBGYNs in our site network for successful study completion. Biorasi is capable and ready to provide your next women’s health study with the time, attention, and tailored solutions it deserves.

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