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Take a deep dive into why clinical trials falter and what can be done to prevent those trials from becoming outright failures. Learn how to recognize and react to underperforming trials, specific signs that indicate a trial may be at risk, and the intervention options.

“Identification and Mitigation Strategies for Clinical Trial Success”
More than 40% of all clinical trials currently running for FDA or EMA approval are in danger of missing deadlines or milestones. This on-demand webinar covers clinical studies issues:

  • Issues in complex trials that may indicate your trial is in jeopardy.
  • Structured project management dealing with complicated trial elements
    • Fragile and time-sensitive IP (stem cell injections)
    • Difficult sites (large academic bias)
    • Hard to reach global populations (chronic TBI sufferers)
  • Study design issues, potential data quality problems
  • Long term impact and root causes of under-enrollment analysis
  • How to seek a rescue if your trial is behind schedule?

On-demand Webinar Objectives:

Trials can be rescued if key indicators are closely monitored and early intervention leads to resolution:
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Biorasi Helps Sponsors Save Trials in Jeopardy

With a decade of experience in study rescue and our expertise with complex trials, Biorasi has become the go-to partner for rescuing problematic studies. If needed, Biorasi can customize a trial rescue solution to best meet the needs of your study to keep it on track.


Not Enough Patients
Don't Finish on Time
Enroll 1 or less Patients
Patients Drop Out of Trial
Most trials can be rescued if key indicators are closely monitored and early intervention leads to resolution.

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