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Solving at Risk Trials: Identification and Mitigation Strategies for Clinical Trial Success

More than 40% of all clinical trials currently running for FDA or EMA approval are in danger of missing deadlines or milestones. These clinical studies experience problems for a wide variety of reasons.

  • Study design issues, potential data quality problems
  • Long term impact and root causes of under-enrollment
  • Projected budget overruns, logistics failures
  • Projected timeline delays, missed milestone

Most trials can be rescued if key indicators are closely monitored and early intervention leads to resolution. But not all clinical issues are equal, and no two studies are the same. How do you know if your study is at risk or on budget and on schedule? Will you be able to catch and identify suspect issues in your study early, before they grow too big to manage or resolve. In this webinar we will discuss why so many clinical trials need a rescue and so few get one.

Solving at Risk Trials Webinar
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Webinar includes:

  • Issues in complex trials that may indicate your trial is in jeopardy.
  • The critical role of strong, structured project management when dealing with complicated trial elements like fragile and time-sensitive IP (stem cell injections), difficult sites (large academic bias), hard to reach populations (chronic TBI sufferers), and a wide global footprint
  • How to seek a rescue if your trial is behind schedule
  • Identifying cultural elements in a CRO partner that make for successful rescues – flexible and responsive project teams, in-office employees and the removal of silos from project team members


Kurt Gehlsen, MD, PhD
Kurt Gehlsen, MD, PhDVP, Chief Scientific Officer at Biorasi
Wayne Bowden VP,
Wayne Bowden VP,Program Development at Biorasi

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