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Biorasi Spotlight: Phoevos Hughes – Senior Project Manager

May 30th, 2017 | Biorasi Spotlight | Article

For this week’s Biorasi Spotlight, meet Phoevos Hughes, Senior Project Manager at Biorasi, LLC.

1. How did you get into clinical research?

The short version – sheer luck.

The long version…

When I first decided that I had no interest in pursuing a legal career, I was living in Toledo, Ohio. I had just invested a lot of time and money to become something I thought I wanted to be for years. I found myself inches away from the legal finish line, inches away from reaching my so called dreams and realized that I did not wish or care to continue. One step away and I realized this whole time, I was going in the wrong direction. What I had spent years trying to achieve, I instantly stopped and started walking the other direction. At the time I did not know what I was walking towards, but knew I did not want what was behind me. I spent a few years trying to determine what I wanted to do professionally, as well as who I was as a professional. This landed me in Miami, Florida, a place I believed would provide me with a better opportunity to find what I was looking for.

A few weeks into my new life in Miami, while holding an ice scraper in my hands and wondering why in the world I still kept one in my car, I received a random LinkedIn message. A Biorasi recruiter was reaching out, asking me if I wanted to come in for an interview. I figured I’d give it a shot. Now I work in clinical research.

2. What is your favorite part of the job?

When I started working at Biorasi I found myself very driven from the outset. At first I truly believed that the reason for this was because I really enjoyed the work I was doing, as well as the company. The clinical research world at an up-and-coming company seemed to be the perfect fit for my talents and educational background. I was hired for project management, however am able to contribute to all other departments. Although I truly do enjoy Biorasi and the work I do, my favorite part of my job is the opportunity and the platform it gives me. I have the freedom to explore various aspects of the clinical research world and showcase the array of skills I possess (which I would list but I’ve been given a word limit).

3. What are your biggest challenges on the job?

Every job of course has its challenges, but I honestly don’t consider or think about challenges at any point when I work. I’ve always been a “big picture” kind of person, and try to keep my eye on the prize. As far as I’m concerned, challenges are just precursors to completed tasks.

I realize this is an extremely evasive way to answer this question, so I will clarify by saying I definitely face challenges on the job. Not by virtue of being a Project Manager, but because of who I am, and how I choose to approach my job.

“Business is the most personal thing in the world” – Michael Scott, The Office

I know it was meant to be an ironic comment from a TV comedy to insight laughter from the audience, however this statement has always rung somewhat true to me. I don’t believe business is inherently personal, but I definitely make it personal. In any study I manage, or frankly with any activity I undertake at work, I make personal. When something is personal, it means that you care. When you care about something, you will always go the extra mile, pick yourself up when you get down, and not stop until you’ve completed your goal no matter what is thrown at you. I make my work personal because I’m personally invested in my success.

Making work personal can be a double edged sword, as I tend to have terrible (or non-existent) work-life balance. Although I always joke and say my work is my life, the biggest challenge I face on the job is making sure I find time for myself from time to time. If I don’t, I burn out. When I’m burnt out, I’m not at my best.

4. What are the keys to success in your job?

There is only one key to success, and it’s the same regardless of the job or industry. Care about what you do and be happy doing it. Success will inevitably follow.

5. Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I’m very humble regarding my greatness.