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Biorasi accelerates clinical development in nephrology — including chronic kidney disease (CKD),  end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and other rare nephrology diseases — for companies around the world. We deliver faster, higher quality trials in challenging renal indications by combining an industry-leading patient engagement program and a best-in-class data sciences department.

Biorasi provides:

  • Clinical program protocol development and optimization.
  • A proprietary renal research site network and rapid, two-week startup protocols.
  • In-home nursing services and other decentralized trial solutions.
  • On-demand, real-time data access for clinical trials.
  • Real-time sample tracking and management.
  • Continuous nephrology data insights for improved risk management and program guidance.


Global nephrology solutions made simple

Biorasi has a long history of running successful trials in the CKD space as a nephrology CRO. We’ve used that time to become true experts in nephrology clinical research — building global partnerships with some of the top independent sites and site/LDO networks. We’ve built deep and lasting relationships with respected nephrologists and key nephrology opinion leaders.

We have the scientific and clinical expertise to support your nephrology, backed by our own scientific advisory board of industry experts and KOLs.