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Biorasi knows the complexity and challenges of executing oncology clinical trials. We are able to manage trials globally from our offices in most major regulatory jurisdictions. Additionally, our geographic distribution has given us experience across a wide range of high-quality sites and global cultures to better predict challenges that may arise. This is backed up by our speed and flexibility, industry-leading strategies, and services delivery teams.

We can successfully support your oncology clinical trials with a specific focus on:



Myelodysplastic Syndrome


Guiding your cancer studies around any obstacle

Biorasi’s teams are comprised of MDs, PhDs, and specialists with experience in drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical trials, and patient treatment in oncology and rare oncological diseases. We employ a patient-centric approach and a process-driven methodology, working with you to ensure and successful completion of complex clinical trials.

Oncology clinical trials are intricate and can have several phases, arms, and treatments in the same study. Biorasi has expert knowledge of the disease and clinical standards of care in order to foresee common challenges in the execution of these pivotal studies.