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Experience the rare joy of early enrollment

Patient enrollment is the single biggest risk to clinical trial timelines and budgets. We have built a reputation turning enrollment failures into successes and we lead the industry in recruitment results. With Biorasi, you can leverage a legacy of expertise, innovative and effective approaches to patient recruitment.


A patient-centric process designed to accelerate patient identification, engagement, and enrollment.



Recruitment starts with identifying where your patients are and who they are seeing for their condition. Traditional CROs use a site-centric approach to patient identification, relying too much on outdated experience and questionnaire-based feasibility inquiries that are rarely accurate.

At Biorasi, we do it all differently from the start. We understand that each indication, protocol, and indeed each patient, is unique. Rather than focusing solely on sites, we begin with understanding as much as possible about the patient experience, and then we help you to design and execute a recruitment strategy that is tailored to those patients.

We have the agility and flexibility that is necessary to find the most challenging patient populations, leveraging a powerful identification toolkit featuring the best the industry has to offer:


We understand that it is one thing to identify a patient for your study, and a totally different thing to get that patient to show up for a screening visit. That is why we have resources and processes devoted specifically to help engage and educate potential participants and facilitate their transition into the clinic for screening.


Our recruitment results speak for themselves. When pitted side-by-side with other CROs in the same studies, Biorasi 8x faster.


Our results vs others

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