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Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian cancer is a rare disease that is defined both by its vagueness and lethality. The number of unknowns relating to symptoms, onset, and risk factors can create their own set of challenges in clinical trials for treatment and management of this rare cancer:

  • Misconceptions about ovarian cancer and clinical trials in general.
  • Late diagnosis and misdiagnosis for this form of rare cancer.
  • Understanding risk factors and treatment type.

Biorasi provides our sponsors both speed to market and the nimbleness to pivot and be proactive throughout the trial to optimize patient participation, education, and survivability for clinical trials.



Boosting cancer patient engagement

Biorasi brings our oncology knowledge and clinical research experience to each of our ovarian cancer trials to ensure that patients get the most out of the trial experience:

  • Our enrollment solutions ensure that patients match your clinical protocols, understand the level of participation involved, and realize the potential treatment and/or management results.
  • We work closely with patient advocacy groups and rare disease registries so that potential patient subjects match trial criteria and understand risk factors ranging from travel burden to toxicity.
  • We also leverage our expertise in decentralized trials to expand patient recruitment in clinical trials to other countries and capture data from participants who may be too ill to travel.