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Advanced Analytics for the Monitoring of Clinical Trials

Advanced Analytics for the Monitoring of Clinical Trials What if there was a way to harness all this data we’re collecting and turn it into a strategic advantage for our clinical trials? Indeed, Biorasi’s data sciences team has found a way. Methods beyond risk-based monitoring are required for a more …

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Magnifying Glass

What to Look for When Selecting a Risk-Based Monitoring Partner

Risk-based monitoring (RBM) is heralded as the new solution to all troubles in clinical research – the exorbitant complexity, the ridiculous costs, the nerve-wracking SAEs. Sponsors and CROs are gradually adopting RBM, but many still hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. The questions are endless: What is RBM even about? Do …

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Big Data can help minimize risk in clinical trials

Can Big Data Rescue Clinical Trials?

If you had to pick one buzzword that perfectly encapsulated the current latest and greatest in innovation, you could do a lot worse than “big data”. The last few years have seen big data and data mining introduced into nearly every field imaginable, often with disruptive results. Now, that same …

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Implement CDISC Standards for Faster Reporting and Cost Control

The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) created standards designed to streamline clinical research data and essentially enable reviewers to more fully assess the efficacy and safety of a product. In 2014, the FDA mandated that study data be submitted in conformance with CDISC standards. While research organizations are evolving …

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A Perfect Match

Today we can do more on our smartphones than desktop computers could a mere ten years ago. Smartwatches have officially left the idea boards and have become very real devices; albeit with questionable necessity. The once obscure “cloud” is no longer a dreamt about distant storage solution; it is a …

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