A new kind of clinical research requires a new kind of CRO:

Powered by data and built to perform.

A New Kind of CRO That Is Ready For…

The realities of precision medicine

Technology has radically altered the path of treatment. Cheaper genetic sequencing and the advent of new biomarkers has opened the door to personalized, targeted medicine, but also to a new reality of difficult recruitment and extremely complex protocols. Is your CRO ready for the new realities of precision medicine?

The unique challenges of rare disease trials

Treatments for rare disease now make up more than half of annual drug approvals. Those clinical trials bring new challenges to overcome. Patient populations that are small and dispersed across the globe. Successfully completing these trials requires a partner built to navigate these complexities. Is your CRO ready for the unique challenges of rare disease trials?

The future of complex clinical research

The overall complexity of clinical research is increasing rapidly. Protocols now contain more procedures than ever, patient data is easier to collect but more difficult to manage and regulatory guidances are struggling to keep up with scientific advances. Is your CRO ready to guide you in the future of clinical research?

What defines a new kind of CRO?

Programs, Not Trials

You think in terms of programs and pipelines, not individual trials. We do, too. We seek to support your entire development program, not just the trial in front of us.

We don’t allow tunnel vision to set in. Biorasi is constantly looking for ways to help you optimize and improve your entire therapeutic pipeline. From finding new regulatory pathways and venues, to identifying follow-on indications.

Optimize Your Program

Patients, Not Sites

Your challenge is recruiting the right patients, not finding the right sites. Our challenge is to help you find those patients wherever they are.

Thinking in terms of patients allows us to break away from the traditional reliance on sites and go directly to where your patients are. The result is faster recruitment of higher quality patients, especially in complex and difficult to recruit trials.

Recruit Patients Smarter

Data Science, Not Data Management

Your trials generate a lot of data – over 3 million individual points. But is that data being harnessed to help your trial and your program?

We leverage advanced analytics and techniques inspired by big data processing to put your clinical data to work. Instead of simply collecting, we process from the beginning, giving you deep insights and a strategic advantage from the start.

Turn Data Into Insight

Transparency, Not Reporting

Your trials run 24/7, with new activity daily. So why do you only get reports once a week, if that? Knowing that your trial is on track requires transparency unlike anything the industry has seen.

We believe that you should own your data, and should be able to access it anytime and anywhere, in real time. Our TALOS™ Control Center gives you minute by minute updates, so you know what’s happening right now, not last week.

A New Level of Control

Structured Methodology, Not Ad-Hoc Project Management

Clinical research is becoming more complex, while the level of clinical project management stays the same. This divergence is not sustainable.

We began with a structured methodology to clinical project management and certified project management professionals. It’s why we are able to deliver your trials on time and on budget, and why we can say we’ve never needed trial rescue.

Manage Trials Better

Our Core Values

Relentlessly Pioneering

You pioneer the science, Biorasi pioneers a better approach to clinical research. We push the boundaries of complex trials, and find ways to improve your whole program.

Insanely Efficient

We were built to be smarter, faster, better. Less tape, more integrated teams and technologies. Making better use of your data. And delivering better results.

Fearlessly Accountable

We give our sponsors unparalleled transparency into their trials. Best in class tools like the TALOS™ Control Center give you full ownership and hold us accountable to deliver.

Partner Obsessed

Your success is our success, and your priorities are our priorities. We don’t believe in the terms “client” and “vendor” – we believe in building true lasting partnerships.

Great results require great planning

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