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Biorasi Begins Second COVID-19 Clinical Trial of 2020

Miami, FL (June 24, 2020) – Biorasi, a leading global full-service contract research organization (CRO), is proud to announce the start of the company’s second COVID-19 clinical trial. The trial will be executed in Russia and Ukraine where case counts have been rising rapidly. The study will focus on the efficacy of a prophylactic medication for maintaining the health and safety of healthcare personnel treating patients with the coronavirus.

“This is the second of three COVID-19 trials we are initiating on behalf of our partners so far this year, and Biorasi will be responsible to recruit 3,000 patients,” said Chris O’Brien, CEO of Biorasi. “We are looking forward to supporting our partners in preventing potential infections in healthcare workers – our front line of defense against the virus.

Optimizing Life-Saving Studies

The primary objectives of the Phase III multi-center study will be to track the number of symptomatic coronavirus infections as well as the severity of symptoms, which will be evaluated through a respiratory severity score. Biorasi’s first COVID-19 trial began in May 2020, and focused on the treatment of lung injuries caused by the coronavirus.

“We’re seeing an unprecedented, global scientific focus on COVID-19,” said O’Brien. “This is incredibly exciting, of course, but it has created equally unprecedented demand for sites and patients. Biorasi was born out of trial rescue, and our expertise is in difficult-to-recruit populations. These skills serve us well in sourcing sites and patients for these vital trials and allow us to extend the global reach of the study to ensure that recruitment goals can be met outside of local venues. We are proud to support our trial stakeholders in their goals to provide preventive and post-infection treatment for healthcare personnel and patients. By leveraging our experience in innovative clinical program management and digital technology, Biorasi will optimize all aspects of these clinical trials and provide a comprehensive and successful

About Biorasi

Biorasi is a customer-focused, full-service, contract research organization (CRO) that optimizes the design and delivery of clinical trials for its sponsors, powered by our proprietary TALOS™ project management system. Pharmaceutical companies around the globe rely on Biorasi to consistently deliver success in clinical trial programs for rare and orphan disease and other hard to recruit patient populations such as precision medicine, as well as successful clinical trial rescue. Biorasi’s expertise includes a wide range of molecule types, therapeutic areas, and regulatory pathways. Biorasi is a leader in neurology, nephrology, dermatology, oncology, and the emerging digital therapeutics market.

Established in 2002, Biorasi is headquartered in Aventura, FL, with office-based teams around the globe. From its regional presences, Biorasi is able to directly support studies in the Americas, Europe, and APAC. The company has received the coveted CRO Leadership Award from Life Science Leader magazine and has been placed on the INC 500 list of fastest-growing companies in America.

To learn more about Biorasi’s mission and vision, including our full spectrum of decentralized clinical trials, explore our solutions on our website or contact us at or (786) 388-0700.