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Job vs. Career? The Biorasi Difference

April 21st, 2015 | Biorasi Spotlight | Article

A few years ago the news and shelves were filled with articles about Millennials entering the work force. The general consensus seemed to be this new era of workers were spoiled, entitled, and could never achieve greatness as loyal employees. These days, the headlines tell a very different story.

“Survey Says: Everything You Know About Millennials is Wrong”, The Wall Street Journal

“Why Millennials Understand the Future of Work Better than Anyone Else”, Fast Company

“Millennials Work for Purpose, Not Paycheck”, Forbes

There are numerous articles making similar and additional claims about Millennials proving to be far more valuable contributions to the workplace than originally anticipated. We present the novel combination of entrepreneurship drive, and understanding of the current economic climate that makes us creative, hardworking employees.

The trick to securing young workers is creating ownership within a company; turning potential jobs into lifetime careers. Innovative CEOs understand this key factor and guide their young employees to grow, expand and define their own roles.

Biorasi’s embrace of this concept is clearly visible in the Guided Entrepreneurship Program and the Young Entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of it. One remarkable example of growth within Biorasi is Wayne Bowden. Wayne is currently the Manager of the Innovative Division but he started out in a much different role only a short time ago. Wayne made the decision to leave the University research space and enter the world of Clinical Research where he could continue to work in his area of expertise and reach his financial goals. Wayne’s January 2012 start date was before the hiring boom which led to Biorasi’s rapid growth. In an interview today, CEO, Dr. Boris Reznik, continues to enforce the “we wear many hats” speech, a very true fact of the Biorasi culture despite the increased size and growth. Wayne was hired as a Program Coordinator, and soon found himself also holding a Lead, Data Management and Analysis role. In the coming years Wayne functioned as a Business Development expert, Project Manager, Salesperson, Research Author and a few roles I’m sure even he has forgotten. As an influential member of Executive Management today, Wayne noted the key to successfully growing his career rested in ownership. He said, “You can’t allow yourself to fail. Make work a reflection of yourself, and you can’t fail.”

Wayne Bowden, MBA: Manager, Innovative Division – is a Millennial. One of the Millennials that was expected to job hop, make unreasonable demands and not play well with others in the workplace. Mr. Bowden, like the majority of our promising generation, has proven to be the complete opposite of what was expected.

Wayne’s growth represents the opportunities we are given as members of the Biorasi family. We are currently seeking individuals eager to grow their careers within an encouraging, innovative, exciting company. Please contact Scott Colton ( or Clarissa Gallardo ( about the openings listed below.

  • Paralegal, Contracts Administration
  • Software Developer, TALOSOperations
  • Biostatistician, Data Management and Analysis
  • Business Development Executive (Nationwide), Commercial Operations