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A Modern Approach to Patient education Increases Enrollment

Interactive Solution Increases Enrollment And Compliance in a Dermatology Trial

The Challenge:

Running a trial for dermatology injectables when topical alternatives exist presents unique challenges. Patients are reluctant to stick themselves regularly for what they perceive as marginal improvements over an alternative that works “good enough”. Just as challenging is keeping patients from dropping out of the trial and staying compliant with the study regimen.

The Solution:

Biorasi realized our sponsor needed a two-fold solution: a tool to explain the advantages of the injectable in an engaging and compelling way, and one that kept enrolled patients on schedule and on protocol. Rather than resorting to traditional materials, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and built an interactive microsite for current and prospective enrollees. The site explained the advantages of the treatment in a way that clearly demonstrated its superiority to topicals. Once patients were enrolled, the site acted as an electronic treatment diary, similar to an EPRO system, giving them a simple and effective way to log applications, view application instructions, and even communicate with doctors and nurses at their site or at a central service desk when they needed assistance.

The Result:

Patients loved it. The solution was introduced shortly after enrollment began and managed to raise site enrollment rates by over 20% above projections. The discontinuation rate beat the industry average for injectible dermatology treatments by almost a full 50%.

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